By bringing together City and County staff into an interactive workshop with community players such as leadership from your CVB, Chamber, Economic Development, Universities, School Districts, and large employers you can set the stage for success by aligning on a path forward for implementing a true community-wide place brand that benefits all involved. This immersive workshop will prepare you for success by getting community partners to see their role and the benefits in a place brand while detailing place branding best practices, common mistakes to avoid and then diving into interactive exercises focused on your community. You'll emerge with a clear path forward and blueprint for developing and implementing an authentic and effective brand platform.
  • Place Brand Architecture
  • Public Engagement
  • Messaging Platform
  • Implementation
  • Brand Management & Ownership
We've seen so many great cities with amazing staff who are being held back form their full potential because they don't have the right tools, communications channels or structure to do effectively do their job. The good news is the vast majority of these issues are not unique to your city. This interactive workshop surfaces the challenges and provides a framework and road map for overcoming them. Each workshop is tailored to the needs of your staff but also include breaking down silos between departments, getting credit, building consensus, living the brand, design leadership, exploring brand architecture and structural organization.
  • City & Department Brand Architecture
  • Getting Credit
  • Communications
  • Breaking Down Silos
  • Living The Brand
  • Organizational Structure
The challenge with Strategic Planning is never a lack of vision or ideas. Instead, it's an issue of prioritization, consensus and implementation. Though a Human Centered Design approach, the CivicBrand team will lead your group through exercises that build empathy and buy-in and provides a road map for implementation and measurement. Human Centered Design is a process and framework for interpreting and framing problems, creative solution generation, iteration and testing. Our ‘Human Centered Design for Place Organizations’ workshop is designed specifically for cities and place-based organizations so that they may foster a culture of impact and doing. Human Centered Design is about moving forward and responding to changing ideals, expectations, needs, and wants. In order to truly thrive, your organization needs both a clear sense of direction while simultaneously finding ways to bring about forward movement and change.
  • Direction for your organization
  • Human centered design to tackle place-based challenges
  • Techniques to foster a culture of doing
  • Tactics for understanding and framing problems
  • Uncovering latent needs, behaviors, and desires


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CivicBrand gave us insight into the discovery phase of city branding; including the challenges and how we might break down the work into more manageable steps.

Rich Brown,

Director of Economic Development - City of Santa Fe, NM

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