Ryan Short is the CEO and co-founder of CivicBrand. Ryan is also the host of the Eyes on The Street podcast. He has been published on Forbes.com and is a contributing partner of Proud Places.


Economic Development is changing and this is a powerful talk for community leaders who are looking for a more authentic and community focused approach to Economic Development. Ryan Short, author of the 2018 Forbes article, Branding Is The New Economic Development, goes deeper on this topic detailing how communities can engage stakeholders, define who they are, and tell their story in a way that attracts and retains talent and investment from those who share that vision. This goes far beyond design and marketing gets at the core what a community brand really is. The talk explores practical and inspiring ways in which cities can both implement and live the brand on a daily basis.
Equity has been the theme of conferences, campaigns and strategic initiatives for communities. Many cities have even created official equity officers. This is great. However, the actual implementation of equity hasn't kept up with the desire to simply say the word. This is especially true when it comes to public engagement. Ryan Short wrote the Forbes article, Equity In Public Engagement, and in this talk goes deeper on how create a public engagement strategy as diverse as your community.
Running social media for a city or downtown is very different than running it for a business or personal account. In this talk Ryan covers big picture strategies that can guide your social strategy as well as specific tactics and tools you can implement today. From harnessing user generated content, getting credit and building a loyal following this talk is a must for any city looking to take it's social media strategy to the next level.
A brand isn't a logo. It's not a tagline, messaging deck, website or video. It's a promise. A promise that must be believed in and and reinforced with every exchange. Unlike businesses, communities are complex organizations with countless players - many of which the city does not control. Therefore how do you possibly develop, implement and manage a brand? What is the organizational structure needed to that? What are the practical steps to ensure that you are living the brand even with things that may seem out of your control? In this talk Ryan goes into detail on how cities can ensure they are truly living the brand.
Ryan offered relevant, practical strategies that attendees could easily adopt for their downtowns and commercial districts. We received really positive feedback from attendees and look forward to bringing him back in the future.

Catherine Sak,

Texas Downtown Association




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