CivicBrand's comprehensive social audit goes beyond surface-level analysis and delves deep into your social channels, posting strategy, engagement approach, and overall impact on your community brand. CivicBrand will identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities, providing you with an action plan to elevate your social media presence. This level of audit ensures a solid foundation and sets the stage for propelling your social media efforts to new heights.


  • Posting strategy
  • Voice & tone
  • Engagement strategy
  • Branding
  • Detailed recommendations
Building on the first level, CivicBrand's second-tier audit takes things up a notch by introducing fresh design deliverables of branded templates as well as developing a strategy for engaging with businesses in your community. Businesses can be your number one asset, but it takes an intentional strategy to both educate your businesses and engage with them properly. The emphasis here is on refining your visual identity and business strategy creating a cohesive and engaging social media presence that resonates with your audience and reinforces your community brand.

  • Everything in Level 1 +
  • Updated design templates
  • Business engagement strategy
CivicBrand's third level encompasses everything from the previous two packages but elevates your social media game even further. In addition to comprehensive analysis, branded templates, and business strategy, this level includes a photo sprint, resulting in a photo library of captivating professional photography tailored for your social channels. Moreover, CivicBrand extends its expertise by conducting an online training session with your downtown businesses, fostering collaboration and coordination for social media efforts. This holistic approach ensures that your city or downtown thrives on social media as a united front, garnering greater traction and impact for the collective benefit of all businesses involved.

  • Everything in Level 1 & 2 +
  • Photo Sprint with library of professional photography


If you're ready to book a social media audit or have questions about any of our social media audit packages let's chat!

The transformative recommendations provided by CivicBrand have set a clear path for enhancing the Village's brand and establishing it as a must-visit destination.

Amanda Muzaurieta

Main Street Cocoa Village, FL

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