There’s a significant difference between a true ‘place’ and simply real estate or a collection of buildings. Placemaking and Wayfinding can create a genuine destination by integrating elements of place branding and identity into the built environment, along with a focus on how people utilize and move through the space or community. It goes beyond merely signage or decorating the built environment and addresses safety, walkability, beautification, traffic calming, urban design, and even creatively tackles parking challenges and perceptions.

From permanent wayfinding signage systems to temporary activations of blocks, intersections, alleyways, parking lots, and vacant spaces, CivicBrand works with communities to infuse your brand into the built environment and shape the overall user experience.

  • Placemaking Activations
  • Murals & Public Art
  • Pedestrian Plazas
  • Pop-Up Events
  • Place Brand Audits
  • Wayfinding Systems
  • Exploratory Wayfinding
  • Parking Strategies
  • Signage Systems
  • Fabrication & Installation
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How To Build A Parklet

Whether it’s for a weekend, a season, or permanently – a parklet is a great way to turn public space that is currently used just for private car storage into an activated space for all.

The beauty of tactical urbanism, a fancy term for “just try it”, is that you can make cheap and temporary improvements and simply see what happens. Test traffic speeds before and during – do they slow down? Do pedestrian counts increase? Measure dwell time – does it increase?

These simple and easy to follow instructions will give you everything you need to create a temporary parklet in your town. If you build one be sure and tag us!


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