Not a logo, a brand platform

Cities are complex. They involve multiple organizations, public and private, a range of goals, entities that both compete and collaborate, and serve diverse audiences – but at the end of the day, it is one place. Effective place branding looks beyond logos and instead creates a comprehensive brand platform.

This requires deep expertise in public engagement, city government, economic development, user-experience, funding options, public-private strategies, design leadership and transparency.

There are countless firms that can create yet another great looking logo, but we don’t need more logos. Places need clarity, shared messaging and a platform to tell their story. At CivicBrand, we specialize in helping communities carefully navigate this process and tell that story.

  • City & District Branding
  • Place Brand Audit
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Story
  • County & Region Branding
  • Visit & DMO Branding
  • Made-In Brands
  • Branded Apparel
  • Messaging Platforms
  • Implementation Plans

A comprehensive place brand strategy serves numerous internal and external audiences. There are the obvious external audiences and benefits of attracting talent, tourism and investment but the value of place branding extends beyond just external marketing.

It starts with locals and fostering civic pride, assists city staff in breaking down silos so they can be more effective, and serves as a filter and decision lens for daily community decisions and managing growth.

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Social Strategy Guide for Cities & Districts

Managing social media for a city, destination, district or main street can be a little different. You need to bring that sense of place and community online. You need to support your local businesses, foster civic pride with locals and keep everyone updated with what is going on.

In this FREE Social Strategy Guide for Cities & Districts we’ll cover a range of topics including General Posting Guidelines, Content Ideas, Setting & Measuring Goals, Finding Influencers and Involving Local Businesses.


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