Fairfax City unanimously approves placemaking vision strategy

July 14, 2023

Last night, the Mayor and City Council of Fairfax City, Virginia, unanimously approved a visionary placemaking and branding initiative for Blenheim Boulevard. The project, led by the collaborative efforts of the City and CivicBrand, involves a comprehensive strategy for the transformation of Old Lee Highway into the newly named Blenheim Boulevard.

The ambitious placemaking and vision strategy for Blenheim Boulevard include not only a symbolic renaming but also branding and placemaking of the key destination street within Fairfax City. The project encompasses the reconstruction of the entire street to create a ‘complete street,’ fostering a more pedestrian-friendly environment. This initiative aligns with the city’s commitment to sustainable urban planning and community development.

Megan DuBois, of Fairfax City, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration with CivicBrand, stating, “It has been so great to work with CivicBrand, and I’m excited to have more projects going on in the City, so we will be able to keep working together!”

The project extends beyond mere infrastructure changes, incorporating a series of placemaking strategies strategically placed along the street and at key connection points. These interventions aim to transform Blenheim Boulevard into a true asset and destination street for Fairfax City, promoting community engagement and a vibrant local atmosphere and connecting Fairfax Circle with Old Town Square.

The unanimous approval by the Mayor and City Council marks a significant milestone in the city’s commitment to enhancing public spaces and fostering a sense of place for its residents. The transformative project is expected to set a new standard for urban development within Fairfax City, with Blenheim Boulevard poised to become a symbol of community pride and a hub for local activity.

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