City of High Point unanimously approves brand strategy

May 19, 2023

In a momentous decision, the City of High Point City Council has unanimously approved an innovative brand strategy crafted by CivicBrand, a leading city branding agency. This comprehensive place brand strategy goes beyond the conventional notion of a logo, creating a shared vision, brand story, language, and placemaking strategy that shapes the built environment to truly live the brand promise. The brand strategy emphasizes the significance of every High Point resident in the city’s narrative.

CivicBrand’s approach centers on the acknowledgment that creativity resides within everyone, with a particular focus on celebrating the idea that what is created in High Point has a profound impact on the world. The strategy recognizes significant contributors like John Coltrane and the city’s global status as the capital of the furniture industry. However, it equally values the smaller, everyday contributions of residents—whether in art, friendships, food, beer, families, or businesses—as embodiments of creativity at its core.

This new perspective is not only empowering residents to recognize their own creative potential but also compelling outsiders to view High Point as a destination for developing and showcasing their ideas. Simultaneously, the strategy aims to propel the furniture and design industry forward while fostering unity within the community around its inherent creativity.

Ryan Ferguson, a representative of the City of High Point, expressed his approval of work by CivicBrand stating, “The City of High Point made it our goal to find the best possible partner to assist us in our branding project. CivicBrand immediately blew away the competition with their knowledge of local governments, their approach to reaching our diverse community and vision to guide us throughout our storytelling process. We were excited to have an outside firm that would come into our community with fresh eyes, unaware of our political environment and local influencers and deliver a broader, unbiased perspective of our city’s needs.”

The unanimous approval by the City Council marks a significant step forward in High Point’s journey toward redefining its identity and recognizing the diverse contributions that shape its vibrant community. Click here to view the full case study here.


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