Eyes On The Street : Episode 26  by CivicBrand

Episode 26

In this episode, host Ryan Short from CivicBrand sits down with Evan Snow, the co-founder of Zero Empty Spaces, to delve into the transformative work they are doing in partnership with cities and property owners. Zero Empty Spaces is revolutionizing communities by repurposing vacant spaces into affordable artist studios, resulting in a win-win-win situation. Evan explains how their initiative activates these areas, stimulates economic development, and ultimately creates more vibrant and thriving communities. They discuss the process of collaborating with property owners, selecting artists, and the positive impact that these artist spaces have on the local neighborhoods. Tune in to discover how Zero Empty Spaces is harnessing the power of art to revitalize communities and foster a sense of creativity and vitality.



Ryan Short


Evan Snow

Zero Empty Spaces

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