Eyes On The Street : Episode 22  by CivicBrand

Episode 22

The title of this episode may shock a few folks. Are we really suggesting to stop doing public engagement? Are we really advocating for a cookie-cutter plan? Maybe, and in many communities, yes.

Equitable public engagement is at the foundation of everything we do at CivicBrand, but who hasn’t been in a project interview where the client says, “We don’t want a cookie-cutter plan”? So, how could we possibly be suggesting this?

The reality is that public engagement can be insulting and a waste of time and money when we’re asking people things we already know. Those things are often the basics of any community, and you could even say they are “cookie-cutter.” Many of those things are likely in your old plan.

So when is the right time for public engagement? And when do you need more than a cookie-cutter plan? In this episode, Ryan Short of CivicBrand and Jeff Siegler of Revitalize or Die discuss just that.


Ryan Short


Jeff Seigler

Revitalize, or Die

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