Eyes On The Street : Episode 28  by CivicBrand

Episode 28

In this episode, we delve into the relationship between cities and brands. Join us as we explore how place, culture, and the identity of a city influence the creation and growth of brands, and conversely, how brands can impact and shape the very essence of a city.

We are thrilled to have Hunter Harlow, co-founder of Sendero Provisions, as our special guest.

Tune in to discover what cities need to do to foster an environment where brands can thrive, and how these thriving brands, in turn, become cultural ambassadors for their locales. Whether you’re a city planner, entrepreneur, fan of Sendero, or simply curious about the interplay between commerce and culture, this episode is a must-listen.


Hunter Harlow

Co-founder, Sendero Provisions

Ryan Short

Co-founder, CivicBrand

behind the scenes

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