Eyes On The Street : Episode 25  by CivicBrand

Episode 25

In the podcast episode, Ryan Short from CivicBrand and Lev Kusher from the Department of Here discuss a recent CityLab article written by Lev. The article explores the increasingly blurred lines between remote workers and tourists, and how this trend is changing the way cities approach economic development, tourism, and destination marketing and branding.

Ryan and Lev delve into the implications of this trend for cities, discussing how cities can adapt to this new reality and take advantage of the opportunities it presents. They also explore the potential challenges that cities may face as they navigate this new landscape, including issues related to housing, infrastructure, and workforce development.

Throughout the episode, Ryan and Lev share their insights and experiences, drawing on their knowledge of economic development, tourism, and branding. They offer practical advice for cities looking to embrace this new reality and position themselves for success in the years ahead. Overall, the episode provides a glimpse into the changing landscape of economic development and offers valuable insights for anyone interested in the future of cities.


Ryan Short


Lev Kushner

Department of Here

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