Eyes On The Street : Episode 15  by CivicBrand

Episode 15

In this special live episode of Eyes On The Street, the CivicBrand team sits down with Waco Mayor Dillion Meek as well as Wendy Gragg and Jeffrey Vitarius of City Center Waco at the Summer of Downtown launch party in the brand new 7th Street Pedestrian Plaza.

The CivicBrand team was hired by Waco to do a parking study, brand audit as well as design and implement two placemaking interventions in Downtown Waco. The first was a 4 block pedestrian walkway to connect the Silos to Austin Avenue and create a safer, more visible and experience for pedestrians. The second was a Pedestrian Plaza on 7th street that turned an under utilized street into a thriving community space. The episode is two conversations live at the launch event with a band playing and Capri Suns in-hand, enjoy!


behind the scenes

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