Welcome to our podcast, Eyes On The Street - conversations on community branding, public engagement, destination marketing and all things that shape the places we visit and call home. You can find Eyes On The Street on all of your favorite podcast platforms or listen below on on our website.

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Episode 32

An elected official’s perspective – with Michael Holmes

Episode 31

Project for Public Spaces – with Nate Storring

Episode 30

Community Storytelling – with Adam Williams

Episode 29

Place branding with Snoop Dogg (via ChatGPT)

Episode 28

Brands and cities – with Hunter Harlow of Sendero Provisions

Episode 27

3rd Places – with Rik Adamski

Episode 26

Turning Vacant Spaces Into Artist Spaces – with Evan Snow

Episode 25

Blurring Lines Between Remote Workers and Tourists – with Lev Kushner

Episode 24

A New Strategy For Downtown Events – with Jason Gleason

Episode 23

An Inside Out Approach to Economic Development – with Jake Rishavy

Episode 22

Public Engagement & Cookie-Cutter Plans – with Jeff Siegler

Episode 21

Creating places for people – with Meristem Communities

Episode 20

The Problem with Data

Episode 19

Place Branding – with Dr. David D. Perlmutter

Episode 18

Trademarks – with Grady Bergen

Episode 17

You’re asking the wrong questions

Episode 16

Placemaking – with the CivicBrand team

Episode 15

Activating Downtown Waco – with Mayor Dillon Meek, Wendy Gragg and Jeffrey Vitarius

Episode 14

Developing and implementing a place brand – with Andrea Haley

Episode 13

The evolution of destination marketing – Chuck Davison

Episode 12

What is a place brand – Clare Dewhirst of City Nation Place

Episode 11

How school ratings impact our communities – with Tom Brown

Episode 10

Where fiscal and identity overlap – with Chuck Marohn

Episode 9

Quantitative and qualitative research – with Adam Probolsky

Episode 8

The role of a city’s history – with James Kunke

Episode 7

Divisiveness and local economies – with Sarah O’Brien

Episode 6

Civic pride (Part 2) – with CivicBrand team

Episode 5

Civic pride (Part 1) – with Jeff Siegler of Revitalize, or Die

Episode 4

Living The Brand – with Jason Thorne

Episode 3

Managing Downtowns – with Letecia McNatt

Episode 2

Revitalization without Gentrification – with Derek Avery

Episode 1

Embracing Contrast – with Santa Fe Mayor, Alan Webber

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