Breweries and Economic Development

August 12, 2019

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Craft breweries are popping up around the country. In every community we work with they either recently celebrated the opening of a new brewery or desperately want to open their first brewery.

For a number of reasons, breweries are the perfect example of economic development:

  • Breweries often revitalize an old building
  • Breweries are often a catalyst for redevelopment of an entire district
  • Their product is the epitome of support and buy local
  • Their brands are often rooted in and connected with the city or district brand
  • Breweries serve as a local gathering space that unlike traditional bars are approachable – even for families
  • Breweries create jobs
  • Their product is often distributed and sold in other local restaurants further supporting local business

On a recent city branding project in Waupaca, WI we had the opportunity to sit down with two brand new brewery owners, John Parent of 22 Lakes Brewing and Brandon Olttmann of H.H. Hinder Brewing, as well as the Brennan Kane their Director of Economic Development for the City of Waupaca and Terri Schulz the President of the Waupaca Chamber.



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