We help communities tell their story in a way that increases investment, attracts talent and supports local businesses.

Many communities market the exact same benefits, claim to offer the most and rely purely on incentives to drive economic development. At CivicBrand, we help communities take a different approach and rise above the rest by focusing on what truly makes them unique and delivering that message through a brand and storytelling process.

We work with economic development, business owners, developers and chambers of commerce to create more local opportunity and more effectively communicate and celebrate those wins.

  • Business Accelerator Programs
  • Annual Reports
  • Video & Photography
  • Live / Work Websites
  • Economic Development Websites
  • Chamber of Commerce Websites
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Talent Attraction Strategy
  • Community Profiles

Through business accelerator programs and engagement, we foster and support local business owners, giving them the tools and resources they need to be successful. Cities are successful when their local businesses are successful and we help facilitate win-win opportunities. This creates civic pride, local investment, jobs and opportunity.

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Social Strategy Guide for Cities & Districts

Managing social media for a city, destination, district or main street can be a little different. You need to bring that sense of place and community online. You need to support your local businesses, foster civic pride with locals and keep everyone updated with what is going on.

In this FREE Social Strategy Guide for Cities & Districts we’ll cover a range of topics including General Posting Guidelines, Content Ideas, Setting & Measuring Goals, Finding Influencers and Involving Local Businesses.


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