Creating a shared vision for your community

Without a clear, bold, and shared vision, founded upon deep and equitable engagement, and balanced against real-world constraints, a community becomes highly susceptible to changes imposed by external forces. Cities run the risk of forfeiting their unique identity, culture, and civic pride.

Developing a robust community vision with widespread buy-in can serve as a decision-making framework for all subsequent endeavors. Its significance is as paramount for a rapidly growing city as it is for one in decline. Future developments, land use, events, staffing, branding, and marketing decisions can all be measured against the vision plan. This practice aids in making well-informed choices in day-to-day decisions, culminating in the progressive realization of the community’s envisioned future.

  • Community Visioning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Downtown Master Plans
  • Open Space & Trails Master Plans
  • Destination Management Plans
  • Neighborhood Vision Plans
  • Visualizations & Renderings
  • Revitalization Plans

A community with a shared vision that is developed through community engagement and stakeholder involvement will always be stronger than a community that simply lets growth and change happen to it.

Community visioning can be a stand-alone project or done on the front half of a community-wide branding effort or comprehensive plan. However, the CivicBrand approach is far more in-depth than that what you see in most comp plans or master plans. Those typically result in a somewhat generic vision statement that is watered down enough to not really offend anyone but also doesn’t inspire anyone.

Cities are complex and have a wide range of viewpoints – oftentimes opposing viewpoints. Our process fully engages all of those stakeholders and builds a community vision around the shared values and vision for that community while allowing the freedom and flexibility for true differences.

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