Cities & CVBs

Cities & CVBs


City and place branding is more important than ever, but needs to be approached very differently than private or corporate branding. Successful city branding requires significant buy-in and needs to come naturally from the community and stakeholders as opposed to being created behind closed doors and handed down. This requires a unique process with a careful balancing act of open transparency and design leadership. At CivicBrand we specialize in helping cities carefully navigate this process ultimately leading to a more successful project with greater buy-in.

"Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody."

Jane Jacobs

"Houses make a town, but citizens make a city."



We are big believers in process and take a systematic, big-picture approach to all projects - no matter how big or small. That means we're focused not just on creating a good looking brand or website but rather creating an identity and platform that achieves the goals of stakeholders. This big picture approach is then executed through the careful details of creative briefs, stakeholder interviews, public engagement, focus groups, and user testing - we do what it takes to find that clear path and perfect solution.