A strategy for making a town's core values a genuine part of its culture

Core Vales that are truly lived on a daily basis

The collaboration between CivicBrand and the Town of Breckenridge, CO stands as a case study in transforming core values from mere rhetoric to genuine, daily practices. Recognizing the common challenge of core values being relegated to obscurity, CivicBrand embarked on a approach to ensure Breckenridge’s values became a genuine part of its organizational culture.

The centerpiece of this campaign was a field guide that serves as a compass for employees to navigate and integrate the core values into their everyday interactions. This tangible resource not only articulates the values but also outlines actionable steps to manifest them in tangible ways. With this comprehensive strategy, CivicBrand empowered Breckenridge’s staff to embrace and celebrate colleagues who exemplify these core values, fostering a culture where authenticity and recognition intertwine harmoniously.

The campaign was brought to life though staff photography and a video that puts employees at the forefront and is shown to all new employees through orientation.

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