Chaffee Housing Authority

CivicBrand partnered with the Chaffee Housing Authority in Chaffee County, Colorado to design and build an interactive housing exhibit. The goal was to communicate the stats and challenges around the local housing crisis and gather community input on solutions. CivicBrand created a month-long pop-up exhibit in the lobby of the Palace Hotel and then took the exhibit on the road to various community events around the county.


Chaffee County, Colorado, like many small mountain town communities, is currently facing a housing crisis. Like in most places, the quantity and type of housing built over the last decade has not kept up with demand. In addition, being a highly attractive community has brought more second homeowners, short-term rentals, and an increase in remote workers. All of these have put more pressure on the housing market. This has caused prices to increase to a point where they are unsustainable for many residents who provide vital services to the community.

The Build

After scouting and securing a public location for the 1-month exhibit, the CivicBrand team designed the concept plan and traveled to Salida, CO for the build. The exhibit was designed in a way that following the 1-month pop-up exhibit the informational boards and iPad kiosks could be taken down and easily set up at other events and locations.

Interactive Exhibit

The build included designing and printing 8-foot exhibit boards with graphics and statistics about the issue, interactive iPad kiosks for gathering public input, print brochures in both English and Spanish, and a website that would allow anyone to experience the exhibit and provide input digitally.

"The exhibit looks so good.
CivicBrand did a great job,
and we've already gotten great feedback
from the community!"

-Becky Gray, Chaffee Housing Authority


Users visiting the exhibit in-person were able to provide input on the iPad kiosks in the center of the room. For those who wanted to explore the content on their own time or share with friends, family, and neighbors, we developed a website that contained all of the exhibit content as well as offered the same opportunity to give input.

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