Creating a vibrant destination street that seamlessly connects Old Town Square with Fairfax Circle through engagement, branding, and placemaking.


Through a series of engagements, including walkshops, public events, and digital interactions, we collaborated with the engineering team, the City of Fairfax, and the community at large to discover how people wanted to experience the newly designed corridor and to cast a vision for it

Bringing a shared vision to life

Through a human-centered design process we developed a vision strategy that included branding, messaging, and multi-tiered placemaking strategy where we identified key hotspots and areas along the boulevard for permanent placemaking activations. These initiatives aimed to elevate the overall user experience, making the newly named Blenheim Boulevard an inviting and engaging destination for both residents and visitors alike.

Wayfinding that encourages exploration

We utilized branding elements to create an accessible wayfinding strategy that encourages users to explore more throughout the corridor using both traditional and exploratory wayfinding. Using universally recognized icons and distance metrics, wayfinding signage lived into the vision principles of transforming Blenheim Boulevard into an inclusive place that is the start to your Fairfax City experience.

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