A place brand system that gives the City a cohesive identity and empowers residents with the tools to share their civic pride.

Engagement-driven community branding

The City of Burleson, TX hired CivicBrand to develop a clear, strong, and resilient brand identity that represents the varied attributes of the Burleson community from residents to businesses and visitors. The following is a detailed look at the research, brand strategy, visual identity and messaging platform delivered by the CivicBrand team.


Youth Focus Groups


Survey Responses


Plaza Monument Signs



Project Documentary

A behind-the-scenes look at the entire branding process

Public Engagement

Through both traditional and digital engagement, we deeply engaged the community through numerous round tables, public meetings, community events and interviews with city leadership, city staff, various interest groups, organizations, business owners, residents, Mayors Youth Council and even children. We toured the community and documented the entire process in order to give residents and stakeholders a behind-the-scenes look, so that they understand it is not merely a logo design project, but the development of a comprehensive brand strategy for numerous audiences and with multiple deliverables and tools.

A complete brand platform

After conducting thorough research and public engagement, our creative team began creating design and visual expressions. Through multiple rounds of internal revisions and collaborative work sessions with city staff, council members and other stakeholders, we arrived at a final design system.

The result was a brand platform with multiple elements that work together to form a cohesive brand system. There are 2 place logos in the system (the badge and a typography-based option), plus an official City Government logo, and an emblem for civic pride (BTX Made), which is a fun, short-hand logo that gives Burleson businesses and residents something unique to brand themselves with and display the love they have for their city.

Plaza branding & signage

City Hall and Old Town recently underwent major redevelopment to establish the brand new Mayor Vera Calvin Plaza in Old Town. The newly renovated plaza is the heart of Burleson and provided the perfect opportunity to implement and showcase the new brand platform. CivicBrand designed branding for the plaza as well as all design work for all of the signage and gateways throughout the plaza.

Implementation Plan

On day one, a brand means nothing. It only gains strength and meaning over time through consistent and strategic implementation and brand management. As such, we developed a multi-phase implementation plan that outlines best practices for how the brand should be rolled out and managed — from the phased updating of digital and print assets to catalyst projects like a branded block-party trailer and content strategy. This detailed plan gives city officials the tools they need to successfully roll out the brand.

Oh yeah and about that tattoo...

When we developed the BTX Made element of the brand platform, we wanted to create something that residents would proudly wear as a symbol of their pride for their community and that businesses could utilize on their locally made products. What we didn’t expect was for someone to actually get it tattooed on their arm – now that’s civic pride!

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