Through Engagement, Branding & Technology

Cities & CVB

We work directly with cities, convention & visitors bureaus and chambers of commerce on branding, digital strategy, web development and community engagement.

Architects & Planning

We partner with architects and planning firms to create project branding, project websites and community engagement on comprehensive plans, master plans and other community initiatives.

Research & Strategy

We research communities and survey stakeholders in order to create a strategy and implementation plan that will achieve your city’s goals. Each stage in our process heavily references our findings in the research phase, and the strategy we develop guides everything we do moving forward.

City Branding

We design comprehensive brand identities for cities, districts, convention & visitors bureaus, as well as for comprehensive plans and development projects. Through stakeholder and community engagement our process surfaces what a successful brand needs to communicate.

City Websites & Mobile

We develop dynamic websites that are optimized across all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) in order to help you connect with residents and businesses. In today’s connected world, a website that adapts to your user’s device is a must.

City Events

We create visual identities for your city’s special events (festivals, art exhibitions, conferences) and increase awareness of them through PR, media buys and social media initiatives. Our work aims to cultivate a sense of community and increase the success of your city functions.

City Videos

We produce dynamic videos that showcase the vision and voice of your city or development project. Each video communicates the value of your project to key stakeholders, businesses and residents alike.

Community Engagement

We engage communities both online and offline, producing greater buy-in and citizen involvement. Strong public engagement ensures that the final product feels like it comes from your citizens, rather than like it is handed down to them.

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“A city is not an accident but the result of coherent visions and aims.”

— Leon Kier