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We work with cities, economic development and DMOs including CVBs, chambers and districts to develop branding, marketing and public engagement strategies. We help communities rediscover who they are and tell their stories.
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We partner with planning firms to develop project branding, build project websites and to enhance community engagement on a range of city and county planning projects. These include comprehensive plans, downtown master plans, park plans and more.
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cities have the capability
of providing something for
everybody, only because, and only when, they are
created by everybody.

jane jacobs


Does your city need a tagline or a messaging framework?

Many people think branding means designing a logo and coming up with a tagline; that once you have those two elements, the branding process is done and you’re ready to plaster that logo and tagline all over the world. Some people even go as far as locking up the logo with the tagline, thinking that…

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